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Girl Scouts Fighting Latest "Cookie-cott"

Girl Scouts Fighting Latest

For the buyer who can't wait for Thin Mints, Girl Scout Cookie season is one to look forward to.

For the Scouts, the fun of selling is tempered by another round of rumors that the organization is tied to Planned Parenthood, with the latest 'cookie boycott" coming from a Texas pro-life group.

Marianne Addy with the Girl Scouts of Louisiana East says this year, they are arming volunteers with information if anyone asks about the claims.

"If a customer makes a statement, you know, Girl Scouts are for Planned Parenthood - which we're not - they can say, I'm sorry, you're mistaken," Addy tells WRNO News.

The Pro-Life Waco group behind the "cookiecott" claims GSUSA has connections to many pro-abortion advocacy groups.

Addy says the Girl Scouts take no stand on the issue.

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